See Outrageous Outlaw Wheeler Walker Jr.'s New NSFW Video

Wheeler Walker Jr., the deviant, dick-swinging country character who turned heads with last year's polarizing debut Redneck Shit, has announced a new album. Titled Ol' Wheeler, the record reunites the hairy-chested, shit-talking Walker with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb, who, this time, adds a touch of Eighties-era Hank Williams Jr. to Walker's twang-trash sound.

Lead single "Pussy King" boasts Bocephus horns, gospel choir harmonies and Walker's chauvinistic braggadocio. "All the panties drop down whenever I sing, I'm a country legend, I'm the pussy king," sings Walker, who says he landed on his new Trump Era moniker while contemplating music royalty.

"Elvis was 'The King' and Michael Jackson was the 'King of Pop' – this was the only thing left," he tells Rolling Stone Country.


4 Reasons You Need To Go See Wheeler Walker Jr. In Concert ASAP

Written by Wes Langeler for Whiskey Riff

What a night.

This past weekend I checked out a Wheeler Walker Jr. show here in Chicago and straight up, I had a blast. The venue was small and intimate. The crowd was rowdy and full of energy. All in all, it was a great time and Wheeler is down right hilarious. You need to see for yourself.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. The band is phenomenal.

Say what you want about the lyrics, the musicianship is as good as any in Nashville. They have a fantastic steel guitar player, but the entire band sounds great.

2. It’s funny as hell.

Wheeler’s lyrics are pretty damn good, but his comments between songs and banter with the crowd are just as funny. You’ll be laughing a lot. I promise.

3. Covers

He covered Waylon Jennings and Rihanna. Yeah, Rihanna. It was awesome.

4. The crowd.

The crowd was rowdy, dedicated and knew exactly why they were there. In a small venue where everyone knows the band, you’re not gonna find too many assholes. You have to have a sense of humor to even be there in the first place.