Wheeler Walker Jr. Debuts the Most Offensive Country Song of the Year

There are few mysteries within the music industry bigger than that of which surrounds Wheeler Walker Jr.

If you ask anyone within the industry about this guy, you’ll get a lot of short answers and shrugs. With the new release of his curse-laden track, “Fuck You Bitch”, it seems like there are still more questions than answers.

The track is off an upcoming album that will be released on Thirty Tigers and was produced by David Cobb. This is the same well-respected producer that has worked with Sturgill SimpsonJason Isbell and many other big-name artists.

With one listen of Walker Jr.’s track, it’s obvious that some of the most talented people in Nashville, Tenn. have put their thumbprint on his music. This would make sense if he was an established artist in town, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a musical history. In fact, intensive Google searching comes up with little more than his foul-language-filled Twitter account, which only dates back to July.

Aside from all of this weirdness, the song itself is confusing enough. Behind the expertly done production and classic country theme, the lyrics are simply ridiculous. The explicit chorus will make you want to laugh and groan at the same time, which is probably exactly the response Walker Jr. was hoping for.

It seems as though Wheeler Walker Jr. is in fact a Chris Gaines-sort of character, poking his musical stick at the country music scene just to see what happens. Until his full-length comes out, click below and hear one of the most bizarre, hilarious and offensive country songs in recent history.