REDNECK SHIT: One RollingStone's 35 Most Anticipated Country Albums of 2016

Unfathomably obscene and undeniably offensive, the debut album from Nashville never-was Wheeler Walker Jr. is also goddamn funny. But "Redneck Shit" is far from just an X-rated novelty record. Along with songs like the boobs anthem "Drop 'Em Out" and the leave-nothing-to-the-imagination "Can't Fuck You Off My Mind," the project features some expert country music played by a cast of ace musicians — like guitarist Leroy Powell — and was produced, inexplicably, by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell). So who's behind the sunglasses, hat and hairy chest of Walker? As he might say, who gives a shit? Recommended for those who think heavy-metal spoofers Steel Panther aren't raunchy enough. J.H.

Release Date: February 12th